PPM Marketing and More
PPM Marketing and More

our experience, values and objectives

You are an international company and the highly competitive European aeronautical market has a special value for you?


Would be great to talk to you and to elaborate how we could support your market position at its best.


Changing market conditions or political tendencies (like the coming BREXIT) present challenges and opportunities you should be aware about. Companies need to positioning themselves regularily for sustainable success and have to keep at the same time their flexibility to adjust and assure a distinctive value proposition of their products and services. Close and permanent customer relations matters and national relations help. 


To support our customers to remain informed about market requirements and ahead of the competition, PPM Marketing and More offers the local support you might need to enhance your visible presence, to keep you up-dated and in permanent contact with your customers or timely informed about up-coming market opportunities.


In order to assure our service concept, PPM Marketing and More follows as part of its business concept a ballanced approach between four guiding themes:


  • Independence:
    as consultant or as your representative for the regional market we have to stay independend from influencing third parties. 


  • Objectivity:
    our advises and support will keep all cpportunities and risks in account.


  • Competence:
    we consult within a clear field of business we have a proven record of competence. In case we need aditional support, we consult with our customers and engage with supporting cooperating services. 


  • Confidentiality:
    as a matter of our business ethics, we keep all information strictly confidential. 


we are looking forward talking to you